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The town sits in the center of the surviving South Aurobin civilizations; as such, it is a central hub of sorts for trade among the towns and villages in the area.
Population: 4600; this includes the “suburb” villages that exist close enough to the town to take advantage of its resources. The town is mostly human, but includes a good mix of the other common races. There are even a couple dragonborn families.
Government: Trimendir’s leadership is split between two powers: the Chamber of Commerce and the mayor. The mayor collects taxes and writes laws; he also commands the town guard. The Chamber of Commerce has no formal power, but they informally make decisions regarding many projects around town. Currently, the Chamber is made up of the eight wealthiest merchants and tradesmen. The current mayor is a middle-aged halfling named Martan Birchfield.
Defense: Trimendir employs about a hundred warriors in the town guard. These warriors act as guards along the perimeter wall, police walking the beat, and jailers. A small platoon is sometimes also deployed with particularly valuable trade goods that go between towns. In times of emergency, the mayor can summon up a militia from about one-fourth the population.
Inns: Wanderer’s Safehouse; Pickle Street Inn; Masterson’s Lodging; The Kshatriya.
Taverns: The Topaz Room; Hard Day’s Repose; The Sudden Sandwich; Marilon’s Winehouse; The Kats; plenty of neighborhood bars.
Supplies: Farmer’s Square; Arneson’s General; Forgemember’s Metalwork; World’s Finest Imports; several smaller general and trade stores.
Temples: First Pantheonic Church; Riverside Pantheonic Church; North Pantheonic Church; Temple of Moradin; Temple of Pelor; Temple to Avandra.

Trimendir (ट्रिमेन्डिर्) is a town of moderate size. It sits on the Ohha River. Its nearest peer is Jamadar, to the north, and Dehra Dun is about twice the distance away to the south. Trimendir acts as a trading hub among the various fishing, farming and mining villages that dot the surrounding area. Merchants and craftsmen comprise much of Trimendir’s economy.

The main drag in Trimendir


Trade among the towns and villages is extremely dangerous what with sorts of monsters that exist in the wilderness. Beasts and brigands and are so common that the trade industry actually assumes it will lose the occasional shipments, and such incidents are included in the calculated cost of doing business. Merchants never travel with their goods. Instead they hire the brave and the skill-less to see their shipments to the hands of other merchants with whom they have pre-negotiated contracts. It is an effective, if not efficient, system.

Business Establishments

Trimendir, although not very large, is still bigger than either of the other two towns in South Aurobin. Residents and travelers in Trimendir have more options here for where to eat, sleep and shop than they do in smaller villages.

Arneson’s General (Supplies)

For all your everyday needs, Arneson’s General has the best selection and the fairest prices. Ladders, candles, crowbars; Arneson’s carries everything non-magical on page 222 of the PHB. Generations ago, David Arneson built this store with his bare hands; his descendant Phil Arneson now owns the store and sits on the Chamber of Commerce.

The Sudden Sandwich (Tavern)

This neighborhood bar is legendary among those who know about it. Unfortunately, not many people do. The bartender is a dwarf named Dustok Beersmith who recently immigrated to Trimendir from Nirnayak. More than one potential customer has been scared off by Dustok’s tenuous grasp of the human language. Nevertheless, his beer is Nirnayak’s best and anyone who wanders in for a pint will be hooked.

Wanderer’s Safehouse (Inn)

The Safehouse is little more than a hostel for travelers without a place to stay. A spot on the floor can be procured as a free service from the Chamber of Commerce, and some bedding can be rented for only a small fee. Most visitors to the Wanderer’s Safehouse are poor farmers who came to town to sell their crop and caravan guards whose employers neglected to reserve other accommodations.

World’s Finest Imports (Supplies)

Marcus Magleon owns and runs the closest thing Trimendir has to a “magic shop.” The eccentric collector may not always have what you need, but he’s constantly refreshing his stock with interesting knickknacks from obscure origins. World’s Finest Imports is also a good place to go for information; Marcus has as many friends around Aurobin-dô as he has trinkets in his shop.

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